THRO by Marlo Lorenz collection is the perfect brand for those looking for their home décor to exude style and luxury. The collection includes high-end decorative pillows as well as luxurious throw blankets in a wide variety of fashions to suit anyone’s personal style.

Founder and Chief Designer, Marlo Lorenz, began her career in fashion after graduating from Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with a concentration in fashion and marketing. Lorenz channeled her fascination with the opulent materials she often worked with in the world of fashion, and began designing stylish accent pillows and throw blankets for her own home. Lorenz decided to test her home décor designs on the mass market, and formally launched her first brand, THRO, in 1999. Inspired by the great success of THRO, Lorenz realized an opportunity to revert back to working with the exceptional fabrics and materials she so much adored working with in the past. In 2006, the Marlo Lorenz brand of high-end, home décor items emerged in the soft home furnishings marketplace.

THRO and Marlo Lorenz collection are both distinctive and stylish, inspired by a variety of sources that range from Lorenz’s extensive travels abroad and deep interest in exotic cultures, her childhood upbringing within a diverse Brooklyn neighborhood and her love of high-fashion and fine materials. Each unique collection within the Marlo Lorenz brand focuses on a specific theme, represented through the use of lavish fabrics and adornments.

A Word from Marlo…. I am a decorator, a designer, a fashionista, a woman with ever changing moods and tastes . I believe that your home should be your haven. We all want to be surrounded with beautiful things, things that pamper you, things that make you feel good, things that make you smile. My home makes me happy. You can redecorate, change your mood, indulge a whim, or try out a trend, without too much of an investment. Have fun! You’d be amazed at what luxurious fur blanket draped over a sofa, or a bit of shimmer from that sparkly pillow does to your bedroom!

I want you to know how much work it takes, to go into each one of my products: my trend research, my travels, my design, my never ending vision. This is my passion. I hope you can feel it! My incredibly talented design team and I will always work hard to bring the you the finest quality of fabrics, embellishments and designs. Whatever is happening in the fashion world I will translate easily and understandably into the perfect accessory for your home!! I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy designing them ….LIVE COZY. LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.